Saint Sinner, Sat, 6th Apr 2019 to Sun, 28th Apr 2019

Lantern Guest House Marsalforn Gozo

Sat, 6th Apr 2019 to Sun, 28th Apr 2019

9:00am to 5:00pm everyday

Our perception is often based on what we hear, see or are told.We are not always interested in finding out the truth before we decide.

In this exhibition, I have explored general perceptions to show that what we think of people, characters or other worldly beings, can be very different from the true person or their purpose.

The subjects I have chosen can be seen by some as Saintly, while others see them as quite the opposite. They have been, or are being judged by their appearance, their actions, by stories told or for
their vocations.

The exhibition seeks to ask the question of the viewers perception of the subject, whilst giving an impression of them to reflect, or in some cases, deflect, from the truth of their true story.

Scalpel Art Explained

Taking an image, be it a photograph the artist has taken or one he found, the artist draws the image, choosing what he wants to cut out, and more importantly what he wants to leave behind. Then, reversing the image, the paper is cut. Each piece therefore is hand cut and totally unique.

Venue: Cittadella

Tel: 79918136